Persia's Pantry products are artfully created by hand by Arad. 
With his vibrant personality he infuses passion and love into every bite.

Arad fled his country in August 2012 after being imprisoned and persecuted for writing about and advocating for his minority group, Ahwazi Arabic in Iran.

He came to Australia by boat and spent 15 months in detention before being released into the community and has chosen the pristine, gourmet state of Tasmania to seek asylum, call home and share his delicacies and stories.

He is currently working on a collection of short stories about his and others' experience of seeking asylum and being a refugee in Australia. 

By purchasing Persia's Pantry products you are directly supporting him to be able to support and advocate for others in the refugee community.

Persia's Pantry - Documentary about Arad made during his time in Perth