The Film

Persia’s Pantry follows the incredible life journey of Arad Niksefat, a man forced to flee from his own country, only to face a much harsher and demoralising life as an asylum seeker in Australia.

Persia’s Pantry is a part of the 2019 City of Vincent film project in conjunction with The Revelation International Film Festival. The film will be screened in July and then follow a festival circuit before being released online.

The people behind the film are Daniel Njegich (Producer) and Daniel Pitcher (Director). Daniel Njegich has this to say about the film.

“When I first heard about Arad’s story, I was overwhelmed. I heard about his story from a school colleague and always knew this was potentially something special. Early in November,2018. I spent over an hour on the phone with Arad as he told me about his life, the next day i met him in Fremantle to take some pictures of him and his delicacies. This is a pertinent story to tell and has a very important message to
deliver to the Australian population and the Australian Government.

It’s my duty as the producer to fight for stories like PERSIA’S PANTRY and ensure they find their way to a wider audience. When you discover a story with such bold energy and an inspired voice, the excitement and fragility is undeniably intense. I am confident PERSIA’S PANTRY will be a wonderful experience for audiences of all stripes, inspiring hope.

This is a film based in reality and like real life it waivers between the highs and lows that we all experience. Confronting, thought provoking, heart breaking – a great story for now, for an audience from 16 years of age onwards – uplifting and tragic, funny and moving. “